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With automation at the forefront, marketing agencies must come up with a solid marketing strategy that is well-aligned with technology. Herein enters Martech, which combines marketing strategies with the right technologies.

Having said that, what is Martech in the first place and how does it work? What are Martech sales and what skills do you need to become a Martech sales professional? Next, what jobs can you qualify for as a Martech sales professional, and what can be your potential annual income? Let’s dive in!

What Is Martech?

In the simplest terms, Martech refers to the various types of tools marketers use across the globe to measure and optimize their marketing efforts.

Additionally, it also plays a crucial role in helping them achieve their marketing goals. The key aspect of Martech is that it uses the right technology for a consistent and well-planned marketing approach.

It also helps measure and track the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. In short, Martech simplifies marketing operations for marketers across the globe. When multiple marketing technologies are grouped in a stack, it is popularly known as the Martech stack. Widely known examples of Martech are Hubspot, Tailwind, Canva, Salesforce and more.

As you already know at this point, technology is entirely shaping the marketing segment. Over the last couple of years, the marketing landscape across the globe is continually transforming because the nature of Martech is becoming more high-end.

The majority of the brands that previously relied on AdTech can now easily track and measure the ever-transforming customer roles and pathways. Modern marketing cannot survive without technology and Martech, in a way, is bridging the gap between technology and marketing strategies.

One of the biggest highlights of Martech is the execution that is monitored from the beginning to the end. This allows marketers far and wide to better deploy their marketing strategies based on specific customer requirements. Martech is also evolving and transforming communication between stakeholders and end-users. So, whether your business is B2B or B2C, using Martech will help establish lasting relationships with customers.

What Are Martech Sales?

Martech sales refer to the sales aspect of companies active in the Martech industry. This includes companies offering services in email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing and for example website optimization.

Selling Martech services to customers requires using Martech yourself as well. With marketing automation, you get to define and segregate your marketing campaigns where both the marketing and sales segment have their specific leads. The content is personalized and geared to retain top talent.

While working in Martech sales you will also stumble upon customer data platforms that you might be required to use. The idea would be to collect customer information leveraging this tool, align the data depending on specific categories, and finally come up with a sales funnel that works for a specific group of customers. This way you don't just get to access a comprehensive database but also a fully functional sales unit where you already have automated leads.

Finally, as a salesperson in a Martech segment, you will also leverage customer analytics and orchestration that will help connect the exact data points the customers interacted with across multiple digital platforms. When you understand the customer journey at the tip of a click, connecting with the customers is easier because you are already aware of their pain points and are now just coming up with an ideal solution.

The job requires sales skills, expertise, and familiarity with Martech tools.

Most Required Martech Sales Skills

At this point, you are probably wondering what the most required Martech sales skills are. Fret not, because in this section, we will discuss those skills in detail so that you can stay an edge ahead of your competitors when applying for a role in Martech sales.

Working in Martech sales definitely helps when you have the following skills:

  • Hard skills - CRM, sales, marketing.
  • Soft skills - Written and verbal communication.
  • Mindset - Entrepreneurial mindset, proactive, dynamic.
  • Industry Knowledge - How the Martech industry, B2B, and B2C sales work.

What Jobs Are There In Martech Sales?

When it comes to Martech sales, you will find a wide range of jobs including (but not limited to) Sales Analyst, Sales Enablement Specialist, Vendor Manager, Senior Consultant, Sales Representative, Business Systems Analyst, VP sales, and Strategic Consultant.

Do Martech Sales Jobs Pay Well?

The technology sector, and Martech being no exception, usually offer high salaries. Especially when it is a fast-growing company. New businesses, products, and services appear every month.

Martech salaries basically range from $70,000 to $150,000 a year for technical roles and $70,000 to $150,000 for non-technical roles such as sales. Also, note that sales salaries usually involve commissions as well. The mentioned base salary plus commissions can result in a higher monthly salary. Off course, the base salary will depend on the role you have as a sales professional.

In Conclusion

Martech might be a newly evolving segment, but in the coming years, it will only expand thanks to our constant reliance on technology. In situations like these, it is best to upskill yourself with the required skillset so you can stand ahead of the competition when applying for a Martech sales job.

Some of the jobs in the sales segment are excellent and the annual salary with perks is equally good. All you need to do is stay well-versed with the popular Martech strategies and tools so you can ace any interview that comes your way.

Overall, this is a lucrative sector and we recommend all sales enthusiasts to explore it further.

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