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Legaltech stands for all the technology available in the legal industry, that aims to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of law professionals. It refers to a wide range of tools, based on machine learning, data analysis, and other artificial intelligence solutions.

Famous examples of Legaltech companies are LegalZoom (legal document preparation), LexisNexis (provider of legal information), and DocuSign (an e-signature platform).

Most Legaltech companies provide solutions to streamline legal processes, automate activities or reduce costs. In recent years, the Legaltech industry was transformative for lawyers and firms, providing them with tools and innovation to become more effective as legal professionals.

What Are Legaltech Sales?

Legaltech Sales refers to the marketing and sales of those Legaltech solutions. Legaltech sales professionals work to promote and sell tech services to legal professionals, law firms, corporations, and government agencies. They are responsible for identifying potential customers, developing sales strategies, and closing deals.

Legaltech sales require a deep understanding of the legal industry, as well as expertise in technology and sales. Successful Legaltech sales professionals are able to effectively communicate the value of their products and services to potential customers and help them understand how these technologies can help improve their operations and meet their business goals.

Most Required Legaltech Sales skills

There are several key skills that are essential for success in Legaltech sales, including:

  • A strong understanding of the legal industry and the specific challenges faced by legal professionals is essential to be successful in Legaltech Sales.
  • Legaltech sales professionals must also have a solid understanding of sales methodologies and be able to effectively develop and execute sales strategies.
  • Effective communication skills are critical as well, as sales professionals must be able to articulate the value of their products and services to potential customers.
  • Furthermore, building strong, lasting relationships with customers is a key component of success in Legaltech sales. This requires active listening, empathy, and the ability to understand the customer's specific needs and challenges.
  • Legaltech sales professionals must also have a good understanding of business processes and be able to effectively communicate the value of products and services in business terms.
  • Legaltech is a rapidly evolving field, and Legaltech sales professionals must be able to quickly adapt to new products, technologies, and market trends.

In conclusion, success in Legaltech sales requires a combination of legal industry knowledge, technology proficiency, excellent communication skills, relationship building, sales skills, business acumen, and adaptability.

What Jobs Are There In Legaltech Sales?

In the field of Legaltech sales, there are several job roles and titles, including:

  • Legaltech Sales Executive: Responsible for selling Legaltech products and services to law firms, corporations, and government agencies.
  • Legaltech Sales Manager: Oversees a team of Legaltech sales professionals and is responsible for setting sales targets, developing sales strategies, and tracking performance.
  • Legaltech Business Development Manager: Works to build relationships with potential customers, identify new business opportunities, and generate leads for the sales team.
  • Legaltech Account Manager: Works with existing customers to maintain relationships, ensure customer satisfaction, and upsell Legaltech products and services.
  • Legaltech Sales Engineer: Works closely with the sales team to provide technical support and expertise, demonstrating the functionality and capabilities of Legaltech products and services.
  • Legaltech Sales Operations Specialist: Supports the sales team by managing processes and systems, analyzing data, and ensuring that sales activities are aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.
  • Legaltech Sales Enablement Specialist: Develops and delivers training programs and materials to support the sales team in their efforts to sell Legaltech products and services.

These are some of the common job roles and titles in Legaltech sales. The specific job responsibilities and requirements will vary based on the size and scope of the organization, as well as the products and services offered.

Do Legaltech Sales Jobs Pay Well?

The average annual salary for a Legaltech sales job can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as the size and location of the company, the level of experience of the employee, and the specific role within the sales department.

In general, the average base salary for a Legaltech sales representative ranges from $70,000 to $120,000 per year, with top performers earning even more. However, it's important to keep in mind that sales jobs often come with commission and bonuses, which can significantly increase total earnings. It's always best to research the specific company and position you're interested in to get a more accurate picture of the earnings potential.

Other Benefits Of Legaltech Sales Jobs

Working in Legaltech Sales brings a few interesting benefits to the table, particularly for top performers who earn commissions and bonuses. Because it is a rapidly growing industry, sales roles can provide opportunities for career growth.

Another major benefit is the opportunity to learn about and work with cutting-edge technology in the legal industry. Especially sales professionals who work closely with other departments such as product development and marketing can have better results selling those products and services.

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