Saas Sales Recruitment Agency London

If you have a London-based SaaS business, you will be looking for the best possible SaaS sales recruitment agency in London to provide you with the right sales staff.

Bluebird Recruitment specializes in SaaS sales recruitment and many of our clients return for the second and third time. Once we understand your needs we can meet your requirements fast.

If your business is growing rapidly, we will provide the right staff to fill the positions and move your company forward. We understand that finding the right sales professionals can be tricky, so we make it easy for you.

Why Does London Have So Many SaaS Companies?

The UK is the Europese hotspot for tech companies with more than 2,000 SaaS companies, second to the US. The UK SaaS market expects to nearly double in market value in 2025 (source).

In 2021, 25 UK companies became a unicorn, and 3 in 4 of the UK’s unicorn companies are based in London, including all 21 fintech unicorns (source). Despite Brexit, London still has a growing Saas scene with many new SaaS companies founded every month.

One of the main reasons London is a favorite to many tech founders is that it has smart Visa options. Something that becomes problematic when you don’t have citizenship. Another important reason for the good SaaS climate in the city is the governmental support for startups and tech initiatives. 

Top SaaS Companies From London

London is attractive for all kinds of B2C and B2B SaaS companies, such as, a software company that allows businesses to process online payments in multiple currencies. 

London is also home to:

  • OneTrust - digital security
  • Synk - cyber security open-source coding
  • SaltPay - payment processing software
  • PaymentSense - credit and debit card machines
  • Patsnap - intellectual property and patents

Selling SaaS Services & Products

The SaaS industry is always looking out for talented and professional salespeople.

Companies that offer software as a service, usually need specialized professionals. Many SaaS solutions are offered on a subscription model and are sold online

Technical sales is a complex area of work, where the sales professional needs to have in-depth knowledge of all the products and services.

SaaS applications are sometimes known as web-based software or hosted software. SaaS applications run on the provider's servers, and the provider manages the security. There are more SaaS organizations in the UK and USA than in any other country.

The key advantages are:

  • SaaS is a cloud-based technology, meaning there are few upfront costs.
  • SaaS is a pay-as-you-go model, meaning that you pay for what you need at the time without spending a fortune.
  • Data is safe, as it is stored in the cloud.
  • Everyone uses SaaS, even in simple forms like Gmail and Office 365.

Recruiting The Best SaaS Sales Team For The Job

For many companies that sell software as a service, the right people can be missing in action. That is where we can help because we have an extended pool of SaaS Sales professionals and candidates.

To work in the SaaS industry, most of them have a basic degree in computing and software with a strong background and knowledge of apps and cloud-based solutions. SaaS Sales executives are usually target-driven and will understand a type of offer that entails a bonus incentive, like a percentage of recurring revenue.

Whether you are looking for Sales Managers or Customer Success Managers, we can find the right staff for you. The roles we recruit are:

Your SaaS Sales Recruitment Agency London

When looking for staff, it is far better to put the recruitment process in the hands of a competent agency.

Bluebird Recruitment is a SaaS Sales Recruitment Agency in London. We invest in integrated marketing campaigns to attract the best salespeople.

Our Hiring Process

Every candidate has met with a Bluebird consultant to screen for viability for your roles. If sales are involved, we use an evolved version of the Sales Acceleration Formula to screen talent for your sales team.

Bluebird has a track record to date of delivering the introduction of an ideal candidate within 7 days of doing a role intake.

If we do not find talent that perfectly fits your business, you pay us nothing. No retainers, no fixed fees, just fantastic people and deep consideration for your amazing culture.

Finalizing the Recruitment Process

Most companies don't understand that recruiting the right sales candidate can be extremely challenging. Just placing a job ad alone will not fill these positions.

Recently there has been a shortage of software engineers, expert sales executives, and business development managers. Recruiting the right person with the right hard and soft skills, need strong interviewing skills and a smooth recruitment process.

And even when someone is the right match for a start-up, he may not be the right match for an established company. This is why the recruitment process has to be carefully structured to get the best-qualified executives who are able to chase new deals and understand the SaaS business the best.

Higher Success Rate With Professional Help

As a SaaS Sales Recruitment Agency based in London, we are constantly looking for new ways to source talent, even in places where we wouldn't usually look.

SaaS sales are much more than just catering to the sales quotes. It integrates many steps in the sales cycle, from analysis to lead generation, and servicing the needs of clients. Finding the right and reliable sales professionals is key to the success of your company.

Working with a SaaS Recruitment Agency based in London will improve the quality of your hires and give your business a competitive edge.

Do You Want Us To Help You Hire The Best Talents?

Please contact us, we are happy to help you set up the best hiring strategies and find the best software sales talents!