What Is The Sales Representative's Role In A SaaS Company

Typically, a SaaS sales representative is involved in the process of selling software to potential clients. Also, they upsell and retain existing clients. Apart from that, customer service skills are equally important for the role of a SaaS sales representative. This article helps you understand the different aspects of being a SaaS sales representative.

What Is A SaaS Sales Representative?

In general, a SaaS sales representative sells internet-based software products to clients who are looking for specific services. SaaS means Software as a Service. It is used by businesses to resolve issues relating to certain pain points. As a sales rep, you will be in close contact with the software development teams that manage or develops the SaaS solution based on customer feedback.

The SaaS industry requires the highest level of services. That's why they employ representatives who focus mainly on providing prompt services while working constantly to gain new customers. SaaS representatives usually sell high-ticket solutions that come at a hefty price tag. Because the investment risk of SaaS products is high compared to other intangible items, it requires expertise and multiple touch points to demonstrate its value.

Selling SaaS solutions is a tedious task that requires expertise and patience. As such, SaaS sales representatives are rewarded with high pay. Also, they are eligible to earn commissions against those sales as well. As said, selling SaaS products is different from other kinds of sales.

In SaaS sales, the representatives don't deliver the product even after making the sale. Rather, the software requires tasks such as continuous support. Moreover, it needs to be engineered from time to time. And a sales rep builds and retains long-lasting customer relationships for future sales.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A SaaS Sales Rep?

There is no denying that SaaS sales are one of the popular niches that many people want to get into. Selling expensive products and earning high pay is what attracts people. However, when a SaaS company pays you handsome, they demand responsibilities from your end as well. Here are the responsibilities that SaaS sales representatives undertake.

  • Understand the requirements of customers and provide them with detailed information about several technical aspects of the software that the company offers.
  • Making recommendations of certain products to potential clients after investigating new items.
  • Keeping an eye on the inventory to make sure that orders are ready to be disbursed.
  • Taking orders in person or over the phone.
  • Recommend appropriate solutions to the clients and make them understand the technical aspect of the SaaS product.
  • Soliciting important information about the necessity of SaaS products.
  • Negotiating the appropriate price for the product.
  • Providing technical support to customers after they purchase the product.
  • Creating sales presentations and pitches for potential clients.
  • Visiting the areas where the products need to be projected.
  • Staying updated on the latest market trends.
  • Adhering to company guidelines.
  • Providing customer service to people who have difficulties or questions.
  • Demonstrating product features before making the sale.
  • Negotiating a commercial agreement.
  • Responding to information regarding the tender document or pre-qualification questionnaire.
  • Helping the customers to maximize the utilization of the software.
  • Recommending the right user training.
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of the technical aspect and other features of the processes and ensuring the quality of service.
  • Maintaining constant awareness about SaaS products and keeping abreast of the changing software industry.

These are the responsibilities that SaaS sales representatives take as a part of their job. However, the entire sales procedure follows a structure that the company wants its representatives to know when it comes to closing a deal with a potential client. Take a look at the SaaS sales process.

  • Lead generation – this phase helps generate interest in the SaaS product.
  • Prospecting - representatives reach out to potential clients through email and direct phone calls. Sometimes, they have to connect with the clients through their social media profiles.
  • Sales qualification – this phase involves the process of finding out whether or not the prospect fits with the company. Is there a product-market fit?
  • Showing and demonstrating – this phase involves conducting live sales demos or allowing free trials intended for the prospect to better understand the provided solution on a practical level. That way, a potential client can find out if the SaaS product is a good match or solution.
  • Closing the sales - this is the last step where a representative negotiates the terms of the company with the client and makes the sale.

Main Activities Of A Sales Representative

To do that, a SaaS sales representative needs to deploy three main activities.

  1. Outbound email - The sales rep contacts potential clients through personalized, engaging, and content-rich emails.
  2. Cold calling - The sales rep contacts potential leads through the phone, qualifies them, and arranges a meeting.
  3. Social media platform - The sales rep engages targeted leads on social media channels like LinkedIn and prospects them for sales.

What skills are needed as a SaaS Sales Rep?

No wonder, SaaS sales representatives should possess certain skill sets to make impressive sales. Here are some essential skills that every SaaS sales rep should possess to boost the sales of their SaaS products.

  • Knowing the value of the SaaS product - A great sales rep should understand the value of their product and convey the same to potential clients about the ROI on those products.
  • Understanding the customers inside out - Analyzing the needs of potential customers and finding whether or not they qualify for the SaaS product is another skill a sales rep should have.
  • Data mastering - The sales representatives who are experienced in data analytics can pinpoint certain issues, address them, highlight success, and adjust their sales strategies accordingly.
  • Strong communication skills - A sales representative needs to have robust communication skills in order to build long-lasting relationships with a customer.

What does a SaaS Sales Rep make?

SaaS sales is an exciting, rapidly-growing, and fast-paced industry where the representatives sell big-ticket products and earn lucrative incentives apart from high pay.

According to several sources, the base salary that a SaaS sales rep makes is around $50,000 - $100,000. In addition, they are entitled to receive commissions that are awarded to the salesperson who meets or exceeds the quoted target sales.

SaaS sales representatives have a high base pay compared to other salespeople because of the training, experience, and motivation that they need to achieve success. The percentage of commission earned varies from one SaaS company to another.

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