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The SaaS industry is a growing market. The entire industry has been estimated to be worth an astounding $152 billion and this number is only slated to grow in the coming years. Especially with the advent of Web 3.0 further incorporation of blockchain technologies, and the internet of things.

But what exactly does SaaS stand for? What is it? SaaS is short for ‘software as a service’. When a license is purchased to use software then that software becomes a service. Famous software sold as services includes Salesforce, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Paychex. A growing industry brings with it many opportunities and SaaS is no different.

Breakdown of SaaS Sales Jobs

Software licenses need to be purchased to have access to a piece of software. But who sells these licenses and how does one make a career out of the said process? Below is a breakdown of popular and established SaaS sales jobs within this booming industry.

Keep in mind that different businesses may delegate their duties in a slightly different manner. So one Sales Development Representative may be different from an SDR at another company.

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

A sales development representative is a company's top hunter. Their job is to find and organize potential sales leads before passing them on to inside or outside sales representatives. A scout at heart that searches for future company lifeblood.

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Their day-to-day duties could see them using software as a service themselves. Specifically, a CRM tool, which is a customer relationship management tool that helps one keep track of their leads. Presenting information in an organized model.

A CRM also provides an SDR with extensive outreach potential. Giving the ability to find new prospects via marketing on social media, content creation (primarily blogging), and even email campaigns. This is typically an entry-level job that requires long hours but there is no better way to prepare for some of the other jobs on this list.

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Account Executive

An account executive comes into play once an SDR has delivered a new potential lead. This is done through the setting up of product demos in which you showcase how to use the software and its features. Answering any questions that the potential client may have and working alongside others to close new sales.

This SaaS sales requires strong communication skills, both in writing and verbally. If you want to become an expert in closing deals then this is the career path for you.

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Sales Engineer

If being involved in the sales process interests you but the act of cold calling repulses you,  then this is the career path that you should be focusing on. A sales engineer must be very knowledgeable about the product. Having the ability to answer the most technical questions is a must. Your primary duties consist of getting to know your clients and understanding exactly what they need. From this, you must design a solution that will help close the sale.

You work hand in hand with the rest of the sales department as well as the client. Know your product and then use that knowledge to figure out how it can be used to solve the customer's problem.

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Social Sales Consultant

A relatively new career path but that is to be expected from an industry that has seen a growth of over 500% in the last seven years. A social sales consultant is tasked with creating, planning, and rolling out social media campaigns revolving around your product. You will create content that will hopefully increase site traffic.

As a result, of all the new exposure, the idea is to generate new leads. If you have experience with social media and being in charge of a company's social media presence is intriguing then from all of the SaaS sales jobs, choose this one.

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SaaS Account Manager / Customer Success Manager

The SaaS Account Manager (or in some cases, the Customer Success Manager) plays a crucial role in the process of upselling or cross-selling your products or services to existing clients. You are the intermediary between your client and IT. 

This career path focuses on keeping the client happy by ensuring that they are satisfied and getting the most value out of the products that they’ve purchased. Also, you know how to tailor your product to their specific needs.

As a SaaS Account Manager, you must be able to understand your customer's needs, as well as present your other products in a way that resonates with them.

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SaaS Sales Representative

The SaaS Sales Representative focuses on the development of the sales funnel and helps close deals. You must have excellent communication skills and the ability to identify the needs of your prospects or clients. You will work closely with your Account Executives to ensure you are closing deals effectively.

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SaaS Inside Sales Representative

The SaaS Inside Sales Representative is responsible for all sales activities that happen before an Account Executive steps in. Examples are making phone calls and sending commercial e-mails. 

You are highly effective at communicating your product's value to your prospects, and when the Account Executive comes into play, you effectively see the deal through to close.

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SaaS Product Manager

As a SaaS Product Manager, you are responsible for the overall sales and development of your product. You are the person who gets to grips with your customer's needs and presents them with a solution that will solve their problem. You are also responsible for training all the other reps in your team.

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Required Training and Education for SaaS Sales Jobs

Didn't go to college? No problem, the beauty of sales jobs is that the necessary skills are ones that you learn in the field, not in a classroom. A SaaS sales job is no different. A high school diploma or equivalent will be required most of the time but nothing further. If you do have a college degree in a technical field then consider it a bonus that will help you succeed within this industry.

Most SaaS sales jobs have onsite training, so you will learn the ropes and improve as you further your career. Of course, this isn't true for some SaaS sales jobs. For example, account executives are typically required to have 2 or more years of experience either within the industry or in sales.

What Do You Do In A SaaS Sales Job?

If you are looking for what a SaaS sales job typically entails, A SaaS sales job will revolve around the searching, informing, propositioning, and maintaining of a customer. You locate a potential customer and inform them of your product, you then make a proposition.

Explain to them how your software will solve their problems. After the sale has been closed, all that is left to do is keep them happy. Should any new products arise, then you would also be tasked with bringing existing clients on board.

Want To Start Working In SaaS Sales?

SaaS sales jobs are growing exponentially and this is because the SaaS industry as a whole is undergoing massive expansion. With growth comes new opportunities and the SaaS industry has a lot to offer.

Some of these jobs require some sales experience but others only ask for a high school diploma. Don't be discouraged by your inexperience because onsite training is common and your need for training does not discount you as a potential member of the industry.

If you are interested in both sales and technology then there is no greater marriage of the two out there.

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