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Edtech refers to computer hardware and software technologies in the classroom to help teachers and trainers educate their target audience more effectively.

What Is Edtech?

The concept of incorporating technology and communication resources into the school or training facility to provide a more interesting, accessible, and self-directed learning experience is known as Edtech.

Today's modern classrooms are no longer dominated by cumbersome personal computers, but rather by tablets, dynamic projection displays and digital whiteboards, online web courses, and perhaps even robotics that can really jot down and film courses for individual students that are not present.

The proliferation of educational technologies is altering classrooms in a wide range of ways. Edtech robots, interactive virtual classes, and gamified teaching practices, for example, help pupils remain involved with engaging methods of instruction.

What Are Edtech Sales?

Edtech sales are an excellent choice for people looking to generate income while maintaining a lot of flexibility. It's also a booming industry, resulting in lots of entry-level employment online right now, as well as prospects for growth after you've established yourself. The Edtech sales industry is still growing to fulfill the wants of prospective clients.

How Do You Succeed In Edtech Sales?

When you want a career in Edtech sales, developing a dependable sales procedure is likely a significant asset. Furthermore, Edtech's sales success depends on the following aspects.

1. Understand Your Audience And Identify Your Buyer Persona

First, you will have to understand your audience. The target audience your company requires should be well understood by you. Getting extra details about your prospective customers and the organizations they work for will help you improve your sales approach.

Who are you selling to? What are their pain points? What are their responsibilities in their company? And what roles are linked to deciding on purchasing Edtech software or solutions (your buying committee)? When you have this information it’s much easier to find and address your target audience.

2. Consultative Selling: Educate Your Prospects

Offering in-depth and valuable information will help your target audience understand their own pain points better. It also identifies you and your company as an expert. This is what’s called consultative selling.

When you consistently answer your potential client's questions with good-quality information and advice, you will build trust as well.

You may opt to create sales collateral for the various phases in the buyer’s journey, or share the results of a study, industry report, or publication to educate your prospect.

3. Use Social Media

As a sales professional, you can use social media as a rich source of information that will benefit your sales process. For example, join online discussions to detect trends and topics related to the pain points of your target audience.

Also, use social media to monitor trends, competitors, and the whole Edtech industry. Promoting your expertise on your personal social media accounts can help you position yourself as a professional in the industry. 

4. Use Training And Tools To Stay On Top Of Things

You may also periodically follow sales training to improve your selling process. Inform prospects of the latest trends, technologies, and service offerings. Use a variety of tools to attain your sales goals through a correct implementation.

5. Evaluate Your Sales Process

Evaluate your sales process periodically. Which sales channels generate traction and which do not? What sales pitch works best with your target audience? What content generates the most traffic to your company website?

Evaluation of these aspects will show you what works and what does not work in your Edtech sales process.

Edtech Sales Skills

Besides the tips mentioned above, it helps when you possess the following sales skills.

An ideal Edtech sales candidate should have the following skills.

  • Hard skills - CRM, sales, marketing.
  • Soft skills - Written and verbal communication.
  • Mindset - Entrepreneurial mindset, proactive, dynamic.
  • Industry Knowledge - How Edtech industry, B2B, and B2C sales work.

What Jobs Are There In Edtech?

The primary job roles in the Edtech field are:

1. Course Designer

Edtech firms seek course designers with extraordinary combined knowledge and expertise in good customer experience as well as a strong academic understanding to build great teaching materials for certain disciplines.

2. Education Software Engineer

Software developers are paid well by Edtech businesses to create a programming language tailored to the subject matter being taught.

3. Educational Technologist

Educational technologists link teachers and school systems with the appropriate projects and gadgets or promote those technologies if they are not yet present. You need to have extensive knowledge of the available software platforms. As well as how those frameworks may be effectively used to achieve your client's goals.

It is typical for an education technologist to identify a necessity, manage research and development to meet that need, and then labor both to implement new programming and to train instructors to use it.

4. Customer Support Manager

In Edtech firms, the customer support manager's responsibility is to assist them in maximizing the benefits of the provided service. CSMs devote the majority of their efforts to meeting with instructors to provide advice and instruction on how to utilize the Edtech software.

5. Edtech Sales Rep

As an Edtech sales rep, you are responsible for establishing connections with institutions, universities, and organizations in order to help them find a solution to their problems, preferably with the Edtech solution your company provides.

Do Edtech Sales Jobs Pay Well?

Yes, Edtech sales jobs pay well. The Edtech industry accounts for a major source of global revenue last year due to massive expansion. Many individuals across the globe are earning lucrative money because they are finding world-class employment opportunities.

Edtech firms are ready to pay big bucks for professionals who can sell their business solutions to new customers. Being part of the technology industry, Edtech sales professionals' salaries are often ranging from $100,000 to $250,000 per year.

5 Tips To Become The Perfect Edtech Sales Candidate

  1. During the interview, show that you know the company and can jump into the specifics to help the company grow.
  2. Try to be unique and have your own approach to the sales process.
  3. Always show a proactive aptitude and passion for your work.
  4. Show that you know your product/service.
  5. If you're a newbie, try to develop and keep the motivation to learn the ins and outs of the Edtech industry.

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