How to Find SaaS Sales Jobs?

Software as a Service or SaaS, has developed as one of the most prevalent and popular choices for selling software in the recent decade. The market for software as a service was USD 130.69 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow year over year.

Considering the demand for SaaS, let's look at how to get started in this field.

What is Saas Sales?

The SaaS model might be easier to understand if you look at how companies used to obtain software before the SaaS model came along. In the past, companies had to pay a one-time fee for software licenses that let them install the application on a certain number of their employee's computers.

Most of the time, the software would be kept on a server that was physically located on the company's property. The company's computers could connect to the server, allowing them to run the software locally on their own devices.

As a result, the old business model was fundamentally altered by the advent of SaaS. When you work with a SaaS provider, you can use the software stored in the cloud instead of on the servers that the organization owns and runs. For this, companies no longer had to build their own server infrastructures. They only need a secure internet connection.

The prices of software have changed because of SaaS. Companies were no longer required to pay a charge only once. Instead, customers paid for software subscriptions that gave them access to a software product hosted in the cloud for as long as the subscription was valid.

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How to Find SaaS Sales Jobs?

Finding SaaS sales jobs nowadays is a lot easier than ten years ago because of how advanced technologies are today. You can:

  • Use Google to find sales jobs and apply directly to a company.
  • Use LinkedIn's search function to find sales jobs in your desired area.
  • Ask a friend who is working in a SaaS company. In fact, they can refer you to their company and see if they can get you an interview.
  • Use our job board.

If you’re invited for an interview, make sure that you're always prepared and that your files are ready for submission and review.

What Skills Do You Need for a SaaS Sales Job?

  • Communication skills
  • Knowledgeable about tech
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Networking skills
  • Being able to work with data and analytics to your advantage

What Are The Typical SaaS Sales Jobs?

Inside Sales Jobs

If you are looking for a job that allows you to work from home or travel for business, an inside sales career is a fantastic option. Most of the work may be done over the phone or by email, making this an ideal choice for those who prefer not to travel.

An inside salesperson is held responsible for the production of new business and the closing of existing deals. They typically have to establish personal contact with potential customers and attempt to build relationships with those customers to stimulate interest in their product.

They must persuade potential consumers to buy their products if they wish to succeed in their professions as inside salespeople. To do this, you must be able to identify leads and close business negotiations.

Field Sales Jobs

If you enjoy meeting new people and being on the go, a job in field sales could be a good fit for you. A field salesperson's job is to market their company's products directly to customers. This means that they have to be able to connect with potential clients and know everything there is to know about the product they are selling.

Field salespeople are often tasked with finding new customers and persuading them that the product that their company sells is the best alternative for them. To be successful, they must be able to sell their products and work out deals with prospective clients.

Channel Sales Jobs

A company may grow via the channel sales department with the support of business partners or other organizations. Developing and maintaining customer relationships falls within the jurisdiction of channel sales reps.

A thorough understanding of the products you sell is critical to your success as a sales representative for a distributor. They must convince potential business partners that their product is the most excellent solution to their difficulties if they want to do business with them.

Business Development Jobs

Companies that want to extend their client base via strategic alliances, partnerships, or other companies may engage a business development professional to help them do it. Experts in business development are responsible for contacting and building partnerships with these firms.

Professionals in the field of business development must have a solid grasp of the products they are trying to market. Prospective business partners need to be convinced that their product is the best match for their needs.

How to Apply For a SaaS Sales Job?

You have to do many things when you work in sales for a company that sells software as a service. If you have worked in a sector similar to the SaaS market before, it may be easier for you to get a job in that field. To start, you must make sure your resume is in good shape and give copies to potential employers that you want to work for.

You do need to be knowledgeable about technology to work in SaaS Sales jobs. The best way to show potential employers that you have this skill is to have worked in a technology company. This will make finding work in SaaS sales much more effortless.

Fortunately, some companies are willing to take a chance on people who haven't worked in technical fields before. Yet, you must show that you are familiar with their SaaS product in contrast to other topics often discussed in that line of work.

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