How To Build a Sales Pipeline For Your SaaS Company: 5 Tips

Did you know that keeping up a well-structured sales procedure can help your SaaS business grow in revenue? After all, the SaaS sales funnel lies at the core of the revenue pipeline. 

When armed with an effective sales funnel, a SaaS business can reap the benefits of a steady stream of sales. Whereas a faulty one will prevent you from acquiring new customers and sacrificing the present ones.

Building a sales pipeline for a (B2B) SaaS company is a different game altogether and you need to have certain strategies in place. Here are the top ways in which you can improve your sales pipeline gradually.

1. Know The Elements That You Need To Get Started

The sales pipeline for your SaaS company basically refers to the representation of the different stages a potential customer goes through. When you have a clear picture of the sales funnel, you won't end up overlooking any leads that had a good chance to convert into sales.

A SaaS sales funnel usually has the following stages:

  • Prospect: a brand-new lead comes to the website and decides to sign up for a free email course or a product invitation. 
  • Qualified - the potential consumer gets qualified: does he meet the ideal customer profile, does he have the necessary funds, and does he recognize the value of the product?
  • Demo - prospects will get a demo or video call to show them the solutions and to see if they have a problem that fits the solution. 
  • Trial - the potential customer enters their credit card information and registers for a product trial.
  • Closed - after the trial period, the prospect continues to use the product and turns into a customer.

As the sales pipeline assists in organizing these phases, you need to have a sales plan ready before creating the individual pipeline for your SaaS company. Before you build a customized sales pipeline for your business, it's critical to have specific data such as:

  • Who is your target audience and what is your ideal customer profile (ICP)?
  • What constitutes the sales teams and their capacities?
  • What is your pricing strategy?

It's worth mentioning that when you try to build a sales pipeline for a SaaS company, it cannot be flawless from the start. You need to devote some time and effort to enhance and rework the stages when you deal with the actual possibilities through the sales funnel.

2. Have Clearly Defined Success Metrics

Building your sales pipeline involves measurable elements that everyone involved in the team should monitor such as:

Rate Of Conversion

What is the amount of leads required for closing a deal? For instance, if you close one deal per every 10 leads, then the conversion rate is 10%.

Sales Goal

The next factor to consider is the number of sales required to meet the monthly revenue goal. For example, your target is $10,000 in revenue a month. If a sale will earn you $1,000, you need 10 deals a month. 

New Leads

The final stage is finding out how many leads are required to close the sales goal every month. At the previously calculated 10% conversion rate, you will require 1,000 new monthly leads. What needs to be figured out here is how to obtain those new monthly leads.

3. Develop a Thought-Out Daily Routine For Generating New Leads

During the early phase of running your start-up, you are not only a founder, but usually also responsible for sales. This adds to your advantage since nobody can ever promote your solution the way you can. 

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And when you appear before your target audience, you will be able to learn a lot regarding their needs and how you can improve your product to cater to their needs. Eventually, you will reach the stage where your business can hire a team of salespeople.

Regardless of the stage your business is in, it's crucial to furnish a daily pattern to substantiate the sales channel with fresh leads. This might involve making some more phone calls or sending emails to prospective leads. Advertising on LinkedIn or with Google Ads. And investing in organic growth through SEO and content. 

You have to think of the best measures that can bring out effective results. But most importantly, you should carry them out consistently.

4. Set The Right Goals To Mobilize The Sales Pipeline

Filling up the sales pipeline regularly is very important. But you would also have to mobilize the leads through the various phases of the sales pipeline. This way, it eventually takes a turn to sales. 

First of all, you have to consider the conditioning that needs to be executed regularly to keep the sales channel flowing. Next, you need to have a precise action plan for every single lead as well as a prospect in the pipeline.

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If your lead doesn't take the subsequent course of action as expected, then you will eventually remove them from your target list. Your business might lose momentum and the target might get hold of some other solution.

5. Use a CRM For Managing The Sales Pipeline

During the initial stages of the start-up, it's possible to track information and data regarding the sales channel in a spreadsheet. However, it may become unmanageable all too soon. Especially when your sales team is growing.

And this is where a CRM system enters the stage. That's because it is designed to aid you in building the sales pipeline. When you are equipped with the right instrument, you can build a sales pipeline for a SaaS company without worrying about what's going to happen to every single lead.

The smooth learning curve, visual representation of the sales funnel, endless customizations, a comprehensive dashboard, and integration with the existing systems make a CRM solution very effective for further building your sales pipeline.

Final Words

When you build a sales pipeline for a SaaS company, your business can adopt a systematic and data-driven direction to boost sales. It gives you an insight into the number of leads your business requires every month or day.

By doing this, you can develop the course of actions required to move the leads to the subsequent stages of the channel. It also allows you to keep track of the business deal to make sure that it doesn't slip. 

Above all, when equipped with a sales pipeline, you will be able to do a lot more in converting the right target audience for your solution while finishing off more sales.

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