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There is a huge demand for cybersecurity sales professionals. Currently, almost two jobs are available for every candidate in the industry. Cybersecurity sales may require more technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and qualifications in the domain of sales as well.

However, a career in sales of cybersecurity products and services can be very rewarding and may bring you a high salary and possibilities for growth and development.

What Does a Cybersecurity Company Do?

The cybersecurity space and market are evolving at a tremendous pace. It is growing at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of approximately 15%. Established as well as new businesses are venturing into the segment due to the growing need for secure cyberspaces.

Cybersecurity companies offer products and services that can protect the online and cyber-space-based activities of businesses and other interested parties and individuals. Cybersecurity solutions can safeguard digital assets with the most advanced technology and updated anti-virus programs.

However, cybersecurity companies also tie up with business organizations to offer services in areas including vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, security software tools, and system auditing, among others.

Businesses often outsource their IT-related activities to other companies so that they can focus more on their core operations. Cybersecurity companies can provide support and maintenance for all the IT and computer systems being used within an organization or the enterprise network.

These functions may include threat identification, security patching, monitoring, regaining corrupted systems, recovering lost data, and others. Penetration testing services may identify the weaknesses within a device or network. A security audit is also an important service for businesses. It aims to find out whether the systems of the client are well protected and whether the protocols, policies and technologies of the client fully comply with the legal requirement and industry standards.

Apart from the services stated above, cybersecurity companies may also work in areas including research and development. They may create and sell the security software and tools to other interested organizations (including client companies as well as other cybersecurity firms). These products often take the form of firewalls, analysis tools, as well as network protection software.

What Are Cybersecurity Sales?

Cybersecurity sales can be different from other kinds of sales. It goes beyond the qualifications and experience of regular sales. The cybersecurity space keeps on evolving due to the constant increase in risks and the nature of cyber technologies.

Cybersecurity sales personnel may promote the many assorted products and services offered by their employer. Cybersecurity sales may involve establishing and maintaining critical connections between the technical buyers and the technical solutions.

Sales personnel in cybersecurity companies plays an especially important role in bringing new cybersecurity technologies (and related technologies such as blockchain and cloud computing) to the market. Cybersecurity sales may involve:

  • Understanding the cybersecurity-related requirements of client organizations and different industries.
  • Building and maintaining offline and online networks.
  • Being a security consultant and an educator. Cybersecurity sales personnel provides detailed product/service information to clients and help them pick the most appropriate cybersecurity solution based on their needs.
  • Providing support and maintenance services for cybersecurity solutions and developing a trustworthy and lasting relationship.

Does Cybersecurity Sales Pay Well?

Cybersecurity sales personnel is in huge demand, a fact that is also reflected by their average salary. The average annual salary of a cybersecurity sales professional is approximate $150,000.

The annual salary of the freshers in cybersecurity sales may start at $80,000. More experienced sales professionals earn approx. $300,000 on a yearly basis.

How Do You Start a Career In Cybersecurity Sales?

If you have an educational qualification in IT, software, and cybersecurity, you have a bright chance to gain a sales job in a reputed and leading cybersecurity company in little time. Cybersecurity sales personnel often act as consultants to client businesses and need to have a good understanding of cybersecurity and the related IT, digital, and computer subjects.

If you qualify for sales and marketing (for instance MBA in marketing) you can get a job in cybersecurity sales. Sometimes cybersecurity companies and recruiters are looking for professionals and people with both IT-related and marketing/sales-related qualifications due to the nature of the job.

When you have both qualifications, you have an even better chance to secure a high-paying job in the cybersecurity sales profession.

Certificates For Cybersecurity Jobs

You can also attain certificates in cybersecurity sales. Different training institutions and universities are offering such courses online as well on reputed and popular online course platforms. The certification can help you gain an entry-level job in the cybersecurity sales segment.

However, the more experience you have the more rewarding your salary package can be. The companies may also prefer you even when you have sales exposure in other business segments. This is because the cybersecurity sales process may also follow the same negotiation, closing, and other sales skills, standards, and steps.


The importance of cybersecurity is increasing by the day. An increasing number of businesses are switching to online sales and web-based internet activities and require cybersecurity solutions and services to safeguard their infrastructure, data, and other assets of critical importance.

A career in cybersecurity sales can be highly rewarding. You can easily join the industry by having qualifications in areas including information technology, computers, sales, and marketing. There are numerous possibilities to get special certification online to help you start an exciting and rewarding career in cybersecurity sales!

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