What Is The Inside Sales Representative's Role In A SaaS Company

SaaS sales is the operation of selling web-based software subscriptions to customers. A sales representative concentrates on getting new clients and keeping the current ones. Let's find out more about SaaS and the role of an inside sales representative in the sales team.

About SaaS

SaaS means Software as a Service. This type of secured software is hosted in the cloud instead of on the company’s server. You can get SaaS products or services online, and sometimes they can be customized. This also means SaaS usually has a lower price point than customized software. You will get better integration, and upgrades, and most importantly, SaaS is an evolving, user-friendly, and advanced product or service.

Why SaaS Sales Is Different From Other Sales Types

Saas Sales isn't that easy. The sales cycle of a SaaS service or product takes a longer time. Selling software without face-to-face contact, means you need to be razor sharp in your key messages. Also, your customers’ buying committee usually exists of several people from multiple disciplines.

Your sales team will take care of the leads and outbound sales, and marketing needs to be on top of key messages, create sales materials, and use the right channels to reach your target audience. Both teams have to communicate with each other to sell the product to the customer.

An Inside Sales Representative works with both Sales Representatives and business developers and usually connects remotely with customers. 

What Is An Inside Sales Representative?

An inside sales representative will typically sell the SaaS from their desk or work from home, without traveling and brokering face-to-face deals. You contact potential customers through phone calls, emails, and other remote communication types.

As an inside sales representative, you are not a telemarketer. You are not just following scripts, but you are trained to communicate with potential clients, address their concerns and sell your solution to their problems, without having face-to-face contact. If you are looking for a career in a SaaS sales team, you can go for this position. Especially when you like the freedom of working from anywhere you want.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Inside Sales Rep?

An inside sales rep has similar responsibilities as an outbound Sales Rep. This is the reason, they are trained individuals and their work isn't easy. Check out an inside sales rep’s role below.

  • You understand the requirements and needs of a client.
  • You are a professional that brings in new clients through email, outbound cold calls, and inbound lead follow-up.
  • You achieve quarterly quotas and close the sales.
  • You direct the right sales opportunities for further closure and future development.
  • You work on prospecting and presenting your solutions (through free trials, demos, or even a paid trial).
  • You work with the channel partners to close deals and create a sales pipeline.
  • You expand and maintain prospect data within the company.
  • You generate leads, identify main players, and research various accounts.

What Skills Are Needed As An Inside Sales Rep?

To become a SaaS sales representative you must have or acquire some skills. Check out these requirements below.

  • Knowledge of the Product - you must know your SaaS product or service. You have to communicate with potential customers about the product or service in order to sell it. You must also be comfortable solving the queries of clients or addressing their concerns. Furthermore, you must offer product details about your solution.
  • Better Communication - as a SaaS representative, you have to depend on online or remote ways of communication. Misunderstandings or misinterpretations are easily made when you don’t have face-to-face contact. For that, an inside sales representative has to be an expert in communicating remotely with a potential customer. This way you can build better relationships with customers.
  • Time Management - time management skills are a necessity when you are an inside salesperson, because you usually work independently and remotely, from a desk or home office. You have to manage your own time and make sure you have access to colleagues at the right time.
  • Better Research - to become an excellent inside sales rep in SaaS, you have to be good at research. With extensive research, you will understand your potential customer better and you will be more effective in converting a lead into a customer.

What Does An Inside Sales Rep Make (What Does It Pay)?

The average salary of an inside sales rep in SaaS Sales is based on the location and the experience of the professional. Typically the base salary of an inside sales rep ranges from $40,000 to $60,000 in the USA or €35,000-€54,000 in Europe / The Netherlands. In addition, they are entitled to receive commissions that are awarded to the salesperson who meets or exceeds the quoted target sales.


Working as an inside sales representative for SaaS has certain complicity and challenge. This job requires better people and communication skills. Also, you must understand your company’s SaaS product or service and convert leads into sales. All while working remotely without face-to-face meetings.

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Want To Start Working in SaaS Sales?

If you have an affinity for sales and are interested in working in the technology industry, then being an Inside Sales Rep may be a good career choice in Saas Sales.

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